Business Activities
SMEs are firms whose financial requirements are too large for microfinance, but are too small to be effectively served by corporate banking models. SMEs represent a large and economically important sector in nearly every country in the world and Fransabank has long committed to serve and support these productive sectors of Lebanon’s economy.

Fransabank offers currently comprehensive facilities for its customers that include:

  • Overdraft facilities: Granted to finance working capital needs for clients (individuals, establishments and companies) on case by case basis.
  • Term loan : Used to reschedule &/or monitor an existing facility/loan.
  • Letter of Guarantee: An irrevocable commitment issued by the bank (the guarantor) in which he undertakes to pay an amount to a third party (the beneficiary) if a bank customer defaults in a payment of an obligation to the beneficiary. It could be requested by the client of the bank and issued on his demand, in different types and under specific conditions:
    a. Bid Bond
    b. Performance Bond
    c. Payment Bond
    d. Advance payment
    All Letter of guarantees should be provisioned and payable inside Lebanon