Fransabank SAL – Iraq Branches
حمّل هذه الصفحة باللغة العربية
بياﻥ صحفي صادﺭعن مجلس محافظي المصاﺭف المركزية ومؤسساﺕ النقد العربية حوﻝ ﺍليوﻡ العربي للشمول ﺍلمالي

Iraq branches continued to grow capitalizing on the business expansion and development undertaken.

Since Fransabank considers Iraq to be a promising market in view of the very strong potential for the future, it subscribed to the capital increase in two steps as required by the Iraqi Central Bank and began to implement its business plan to expand the branch network locally.

Fransabank in Iraq has rapidly differentiated itself from its peers in the local market by aligning itself with the high standards of its parent company in Lebanon and its affiliated entities throughout the world.

The synergy between the branches in Iraq and the various business and support lines at the parent company, as well as, the widely developed network of international correspondents and local partners of Fransabank Group have enabled the Bank to become a reference bank on the Iraqi market, and to turn into an active player in the Iraqi economy.