Silk Road To China

Silk Road To China
Adnan and Adel Kassar, with China always kept in their hearts, would spur Fransabank Group to establish a China desk. The goal was to continue serving and supporting the interests of China and to make Fransabank Group a partner for the Chinese businesses, investors and traders.
As the first bank in the Arab world to dedicate a China desk, catered to serving the banking and finance ties with China and the Chinese companies dealing in Fransabank Group markets, a new page of relations starts to build on the historic and close ties between the Kassar Group and China.
Fransabank Group’s China Desk is dedicated to serving Chinese companies in the various markets where our group operates. The objective of our China Desk is to promote and facilitate exchanges between the Chinese businesses and companies in Fransabank areas of operations.
The China Desk aims to develop Fransabank Group’s relations with Chinese banks, institutions, embassies and other entities.
The China Desk works to identify competitive products and services to cater to the needs of its clients in their dealings with China, as well as to serve the Chinese companies and entities working in its markets.
Fransabank's China Desk was established in 2013 to build on the Kassar brothers’ long- standing relations with China which date back to the 1950s. Fransabank Group’s China desk invites and receives Chinese delegations, trade missions and banking groups, amongst others.

On 26th, May, 2015, Fransabank celebrated the 60th anniversary of the signing of the first trade agreement between China and Lebanon with Chinese State Leader Mr. WANG Zhengwei, Chinese Ambassador H.E Mr. JIANG Jiang and over 600 delegates from China and Arab world.

Chairman Kassar's Historic Relations with China